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Feb 27, 2007 – Wenona and Dana DeArmond.

The Jester is a Ultimate Surrender fan favorite choice. Her smack talk, merry attitude on the ring, and grapple talent has earned her a great following. After she withdraw from the top 10 rankings, there was a thunder of objections.
The Gymnast is a rock hard, buff specimen of female superiority and beauty. Her wrestling knowledge is turn to sink in and she is enhancing a force at US. Even forsaking 25lbs she dominates the Jester with forcing 2 submissions. Rd4 had few of our superb foot worship and hard screwing we’ve seen yet.

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Feb 20, 2007 – Syd Blakovich and Tawni Ryden.

The Nightmare is back at last after her early season knee damage; she injured the knee at her training skill. The Nightmare is pissed she lost last season’s title to the Ninja, and is now in good health and prepared to reign holy terror again on the UltimateSurrender mat.
The Shark was welcomed to US in her last match by the past master Isis “The Goddess” Love. If she thought that was a welcome to US then what will she expect after this week? The Sharked is forced to submit 5 times, and is forced to coming throughout grapple. Then if she though Isis was cruel with the strap on.

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Feb 6, 2007 – Wenona and Annie Cruz.

The Gymnast got fingers in the Scorpion from the beginning and frequently. The fingering had a devastating result on the Scorpion. She fought hard, but it was a losing fight as the fingering and clit rubbing exacted its toll. Most wrestlers Achillesa heel is fingers in their pussies and as for the Scorpion it was a deathblow she could not recover from. A wrestlers facility to battle is greatly decreased the hornier, the wetter, and the nearer she comes to coming. When women wrestlers tries to fight, but fails to defeat the sexual attacks on her body – that is The Ultimate Surrender.

Free brutal women wrestling video preview here

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