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Mar 13, 2007 – Bobbi Starr and Sarah Jane Ceylon.

The Killer (Bobbi Starr) is the superb brand-new grappler US has ever. After being defeated in her first fight, she is unbeaten. She has wrestled each ranked opponents. She is quick, powerful and extremely determined. Every match she turn smooth more dangerous.
Blondie (Sarah Jane Ceylon) is a fighter, she is firm, and is easy learning herself. We anticipate great details from her down the road. Nevertheless not today; nowadays she obtain her ass handed to her, forced to submit 4 times and brutally fucked for losing. Winning has its privileges.

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One Response to “The Killer destroys Blondie in f/f wrestling”

  1. This was a great match, I really love it when one wrestler dominates the other for the entire duration. Bobbi is really tall and engulfing, every time Sarah tried to escape, Bobbi would just swallow her alive, wrapping her up and not letting her move an inch. Sarah is great though because she resists, squirms and fights so hard. For Bobbi it was like, there’s nothing that Sarah can do, so I may as well just toy with her by using hand smothers and face licking.

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